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Navigating through post-breakup emotions can be tough. It’s often filled with a whirlwind of sentiments that may leave you contemplating, “Am I over my ex?”. That’s where our quiz can help, offering an introspective trip into your feelings.

Whether your breakup was recent or occurred ages ago, it’s vital to understand your emotions to move forward truly. Our quiz aims to guide you through that process. But before you take it, read the article as it will inform and prepare you to understand your feelings better. By the time you’re done reading and ready to take the quiz, you will have a clearer perspective on your emotional state.

Why Understanding Your Feelings is Important

Post-breakup emotions can feel like a roller-coaster ride, with unexpected highs and lows. The process of recovering from a breakup differs for everyone, and it’s crucial to honor your unique journey.

Not only does understanding your feelings facilitate healing, but it also allows for personal growth. Being aware of where you stand emotionally can help you establish healthier relationships in the future. It also fosters self-awareness and helps to prevent carrying past relationship baggage into new partnerships.

Before You Start the Quiz

Before you start the “Am I over my ex?” quiz, it’s important to be in a calm and open mindset. Your emotions might surprise you, and that’s perfectly normal. You might realize that you’re still holding on to some sentiments you weren’t aware of, or you may find that you’re further along the healing process than you thought.

There are no right or wrong answers in our quiz. Moreover, the quiz isn’t a final verdict on your feelings for your ex but rather a starting point to help you understand them better. 

How the Quiz Works

We built the quiz around a series of reflective questions related to your feelings and behaviors post-breakup. Your honest responses will help measure where you are in your journey of moving on.

Remember, this “Am I over my ex?” quiz isn’t meant to make decisions for you. Rather, it’s a means to encourage self-reflection and understanding. It’s important that you answer the questions honestly without judging your feelings. Your responses are meant to provide a snapshot of your current emotional state and not to categorize or label you.

What to Expect After the Quiz

After completing the quiz, you’ll get a brief analysis of your current emotional status concerning your ex. This might be an affirmation of what you already know, or it may provide new insights.

Taking the quiz doesn’t end with the results. Consider the insights it provides as a starting point for further introspection or even for conversations with trusted friends or a therapist. 

A Note on Emotional Well-being

Breakups, and the emotions that follow, are a part of life’s ups and downs. They can bring about feelings of sadness, confusion, anger, or even relief. It’s crucial to acknowledge these feelings but also to remember not to let them consume you.

While the “Am I over my ex?” quiz can help you identify where you stand, emotional well-being extends beyond this. Engaging in self-care, maintaining healthy habits, reaching out to loved ones for support, and seeking professional help when needed are all essential parts of the journey.


The process of getting over an ex can be complex and multifaceted. We created the quiz to help you identify and understand your feelings for your ex. 

Your feelings are your own, and they deserve respect and understanding. Always prioritize your emotional well-being and reach out to professionals if needed. Good luck!

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