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Have you ever found yourself prioritizing male attention and approval at the expense of other women? If so, you may be exhibiting “pick-me” behavior, a term that has gained popularity on social media lately. Being a “pick-me” girl is not something to aspire to, as it perpetuates harmful societal norms and can lead to toxic relationships with men. In this quiz, we will explore signs that may indicate “pick-me” behavior and help you determine if you exhibit these behaviors. So, if you’re wondering, “Am I a Pick Me Girl?” take this quiz to find out.

Who Is a “Pick-Me Girl”?

A “pick-me girl” is someone who seeks validation and approval from men by putting down other women. This behavior stems from internalized misogyny and a desire to be seen as desirable by men. Often, pick-me girls will prioritize male attention over their own well-being or the well-being of other women and will go to great lengths to cater to male interests and preferences. Pick-me behavior can manifest in various ways, including constantly putting down other women, changing behavior or opinions to please men, and judging or shaming other women for their choices or behavior.

Signs You Are A Pick Me Girl

Take this pick me girl quiz to find out if you exhibit any of the following signs. Here are some common signs that you may be exhibiting “pick-me” behavior:

  • You frequently put down other women to make yourself seem more appealing to men
  • You prioritize male attention over your own well-being or the well-being of other women
  • You change your behavior or opinions to please men or conform to their ideals
  • You judge or shame other women for their choices or behavior, especially if they differ from yours
  • You dismiss or ignore instances of sexism or misogyny to appear more appealing to men

By identifying these behaviors, you can start to examine how they may be affecting your relationships with both men and women.

Is It Wrong To Be One?

While there are certainly negative connotations associated with being a “Pick-Me Girl,” it’s important to acknowledge that everyone has the right to express themselves and their desires in their own way. However, it’s worth examining whether certain behaviors or beliefs are harmful to ourselves or others.

On one hand, some may argue that being a “Pick-Me Girl” is a form of internalized misogyny, where women feel the need to compete against each other for male attention and validation. This can perpetuate harmful gender stereotypes and contribute to a culture of women tearing each other down rather than lifting each other up.

On the other hand, some may argue that there’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to please others or be seen as desirable. The issue arises when this desire becomes all-consuming and leads to sacrificing one’s own needs and values. It’s important to prioritize self-respect and not compromise our own values just to fit into a certain mold or gain the approval of others.

Overall, while there may be societal pressures that contribute to the “Pick-Me Girl” mentality, it’s ultimately up to individuals to decide whether their actions align with their values and whether those actions are ultimately harmful to themselves or those around them.

Causes and Consequences

The roots of “pick-me girl” behavior can be traced back to societal expectations and gender roles that have been ingrained in us since childhood. Women are often taught to prioritize the needs and desires of men over their own and to compete with other women for male attention and affection. This can lead to a cycle of validation-seeking and people-pleasing that is difficult to break free from.

The consequences of this behavior can be far-reaching, affecting not only our relationships but also our sense of self-worth and identity. By constantly putting ourselves down and molding ourselves to fit the expectations of others, we lose touch with our own desires and needs. This can lead to feelings of confusion, anxiety, and low self-esteem.


In conclusion, being a “pick-me” girl is not a positive thing. It perpetuates harmful norms and can lead to toxic relationships with men. By recognizing the signs of this behavior, we can work towards addressing the underlying causes and promoting a society where women lift each other up and support each other. So, take this quiz to find out if you exhibit “pick-me” behavior and take the first step towards addressing it.

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